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Mframework is on line, I need some time to set up everything.
Mframework is a library for java MHP developers. It helps them to create applications easily. It's an Open Source project licensed by Lesser General Public License.

To run examples on your pc I suggest xletview.

Version 0.3.6 does not support iframe so please download it and compile it from CVS version-0_3_7_1_m.
Once installed xletview and compiled the code, run examples from command line:

  • java -jar xletview.jar -xletPath "/home/myhome/workspace/mframework/bin" -xletClass
  • java -jar xletview.jar -xletPath "/home/myhome/workspace/mframework/bin" -xletClass

I would especially like to thank:
for their invaluable contribution to some aspects of the project.

Marco Frattallone
e-mail: mamarce at

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